The gold card, platinum card is a symbol of Harvest international hotel

Member of the exclusive value-added services:
1) the gold card members enjoy discount rooms, restaurant discount, hotel other products 9.5 discount; Platinum members also offers another gift bags or gift certificates;
2) the gold card members can be late check-out to PM in the day, the white gold card members can be late check-out until 16:00 on the day (depending on the check-in conditions);
3) free room broadband Internet access;
4) member birthday beautiful birthday gift;
5) member of the exclusive housekeeper type service, satisfy your reservation, check-in to during check-out requirements;
6) 1 point per 1 yuan qualified consumption may obtain loyalty points, redeemable for hotel product and consumption, the membership gift and more excellent products;
7) white gold card members enjoy free laundry, free use of executive lounge;

8) white gold card members upgrade courtesy to exclusive book can free upgrade to a higher room (depending on the check-in conditions).